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Top ten play school in Patna

Brain development is highest during the first four years of life. At this age, the brain is forming important neural paths to develop the child’s ability to perform and function and learn well. In play school children are able to learn at a rapid rate and can gather much new information. So play school is equally important to make your child smart and talented.
If you are planning for your child future then don’t panic, Junior DPS Patna is there for you. Junior DPS is built around the strong belief that the childhood of a little one is precious and has been the best amongst the top ten play school in Patna ever since its inception. The first four years of childhood are the most determining an incredible learning and vital mental and cognitive development occur during this period. Our programs were tailor-made to foster every child’s emotional, intellectual and Aesthetic quotient.

Junior DPS Patna- A top play school in Patna

We believe that learning is a continuous process and a lifelong process. Our vision is to provide each child with proper guidance to grow his or her own way in mutual acceptance and nurturing environment. We believe in making teaching and learning a harmonious process. Our stimulating combination of artistic, academic, and practical activities, scaffolded by a caring framework, ensures that the child enjoys the learning process. This is our mission so this one is top play school in Patna.

Junior DPS Patna’s Program:

Junior DPS program is very special as it is designed to help the child transition from home to school. This program is done here only i.e it is one of the most top play school in Patna. Junior DPS Patna program is also taken in weekly and monthly themes based on real-life experiences that the child can identify, relate with and understand his or her surroundings. The teachers take the child through a journey of singing, dancing, music, play and body movements; thereby inducing learning within the familiar environment of play. Our teachers are experienced and trained very well and we can easily understand the behaviour of our child. International level of toys, books, activities and games, art, craft, storytelling, puppet shows, and field trips

Junior DPS Patna: Key Focus Areas:

Our play school develops Language Skills. We use stimulating fine and gross motor coordination skills. We follow special programs such as learning with art, music and play. We try to build communication and social skills Encouraging positive peer interaction also we use sensorial and cognitive development. For us each and every child is equal. We mainly focus on the weak child.

Aims and Goal:

The aim and objective of our school are to offer Value Based Education and to follow the guidelines and requirements of the registering bodies also to make parents fell welcome and provide an atmosphere where both children and adults feel happy and comfortable

Everybody considers junior DPS as one of the

top play school in Patna.

Teachers of Junior DPS:

Teachers of junior DPS are trained to impart various skills and motivate the child to learn new things every day. They also make the child inquisitive and keep them focused on a class by making the topic interesting from time to time. The teachers in our school spend quality time with the children and the capture each and every movement of them and parent them with love and affection. They guide the children and inculcate values, help them to develop confidence.
We treated each and every student like our own child. There are many play school in Patna but we can proudly say that our junior DPS is best because we understand the real definition of success.
"There are few play schools in Patna that offer playschool education to your little ones."

Aquatic International School:

This play school believes in having active parental involvement in school activities. It is a theme based school which works excessively towards building your child’s cognitive, language, motor and social skills.

Shemrock Petals Play School:

Shemrock Petals Play School caters for children with special needs as well. The preschool functions on high parental involvement and they are very active about their child behaviour.

The Kids Square Sparkles:

The Kids Square Sparkles is a large play school campus there are playgroup, nursery, LKG and UKG. The course subjects are specially designed for children with an emphasis on learning through games and activities.

Shemrock Kids:

The exclusive feature of this play school is that it has a daycare capability on both monthly as well as per day basis.

Little Creators Play School - Play School in Patna:

Little Creators Play School aims at improving a child’s motor skills, language skills, cognitive skills, dining etiquette, social behaviour, and concept knowledge.

Little Millennium Play School:

Little Millennium Play School offers programs for kids from playgroup to senior kindergarten.

Motherlap Play School:

This play school has a colourful and homely school environment, Ample toys for children to learn through play.

Kidzee boring road:

Kidzee boring road is play school with unique features of the preschool is that the teachers are trained in specialized teaching techniques relevant to preschoolers. Kidzee has been one of the top ten play school in Patna.

Aerokids Patna:

Aerokids Patna play school seeks feedback from parents for the course and facility improvement. Teaching through play, Email and SMS communication with parents about new learning themes and concepts, and is the last amongst the top ten play school in Patna.

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